About Nick Harrison

I’m a writer, editor, family man, Christian, and encourager of those who want to find happiness and wholeness in life. On this site you’ll find me discussing my two big passions. On my writer’s blog, “A Writer’s Way of Seeing” aspiring and published writers will find tips, insights, and encouragement in their journey to success.

My other blog is all about what I call “The Magnificent Christian Life.” That phrase came about as I was working on my popular devotional Magnificent Prayer and I began to realize that it’s not just prayer that’s magnificent, it’s all of the Christian life. My hope is you’ll stick around as we explore that magnificence and put it into practice in our daily life. To be clear: the magnificent Christian life is not free from problems and trials, but every Christian has the capacity, through Christ, of persevering through their trials and coming out stronger. Much of what I write is based on what I’ve experienced as Christian for these past few decades. I’ve learned some lessons that I believe are worth passing on to others. In addition, many great Christian authors of the past have helped me on my journey, so I draw deeply from their writings in just about all the books I create. Some of my favorite writers include Andrew Murray, Hannah Whitall Smith, Charles Spurgeon, Watchman Nee, and many others. (Check out my recommended book page here). Also, as you browse my site, you’ll see some of the unsolicited responses to my books from people just like you. I write to change lives and I’m gratified when someone tells me I’ve helped change theirs by pointing them in the direction of God’s secure love.

Nick’s Newest Book

My newest book is One-Minute Prayers® for Those with Cancer. It’s the book I wish there was no market for. As a cancer survivor many years ago, I know the roiling emotions when receiving the cancer diagnosis. My hope in writing this new book is to instill hope in the reader who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Already I’ve received positive feedback from readers who have been blessed. May God minister His magnificent peace to all who must walk the Cancer road.

Thanks for being part of our common magnificent journey!