Being a writer, one should get used to rejection. And being an editor who often rejects the writing of others, you’d think I’d get to the place where I take rejections of my writing like water off a duck’s back. But to be honest, sometimes it’s still painful. The water sinks in.

 For the past month I’ve been working with a somewhat famous person on her memoir/autobiography.  This is something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’ve been over the moon about it ever since it came about.  I did quite a bit of work getting the proposal ready for my agent to send out.

Then today the person backed out. 

I had done a sample chapter as part of the proposal and had sent it to her for her approval. She liked the writing, but she hadn’t wanted it to be QUITE so autobiographical.   So, she called it off.

I told my agent I needed a little to wallow over this.  I’m still wallowing now.  I think by sometime tomorrow I’ll be able to move on. 

Naturally, both the person in question and I have prayed over this project, so I know I SHOULD recognize that for some reason God is pulling the plug on this….not the other person.  And actually, that’s how I’ll eventually get past the wallowing stage and stand up straight again.  The hardest thing is knowing how badly I wanted to do this.  

I just hope God has something else coming along for me soon now. I feel the need to write another book…..soon.

Oh, and I have two or three manuscripts that I need to reject tomorrow. You can rest assured those people will get a very gentle and sympathetic rejection from me.  I don’t want them to have to wallow too long.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m sorry, Dad. I know how much you were looking forward to that. You are entitled to some wallowing. I do hope that something even more fantastic comes along soon.

  2. Richard Mabry says:

    Will it help if I say–sincerely, not sarcastically–that I know how you feel? I know from personal experience how much you hate sidetracking the dream of another author, and I’m sure that makes it even more painful when something like this happens to you.
    But, as you’re well aware, God has plans for you that you can’t even begin to imagine. I hope that by now you’re seeing what He has in mind instead of this project at this time.

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