Here is an article from the current Publisher’s Weekly that is mandatory reading.

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  1. Lori Stanley Roeleveld
    Lori Stanley Roeleveld says:

    My daughter and I were shopping at Barnes and Noble for Ted Dekker books for her birthday. The sales clerk was in the Christian section and asked my daughter if Dekker was actually scary. When Hannah assured her that it was, the clerk clucked and commented “It makes me very nervous to have it so close to the Amish romances. I’m under orders not to upset our Amish story readers in any any way and I think that Dekker’s covers might scare them off!”
    Enough said?

  2. Nick
    Nick says:

    Lori, that’s funny.

    Shannon, go for it. (By the way, I replied to your comment in my other blog about Ted Dekker).

  3. Shannon Dittemore
    Shannon Dittemore says:

    Oh goodness, Lori! Is this what I’m up against? Ha! Well, I’m up for the battle. It’s not just paranormal that has poor representation on Christian bookshelves. The YA shelves are horribly understocked. There’s Dekker’s YA series and then a bunch of non-fiction stuff. Where’s the YA representation, friends? My mission, people. Count on it!

  4. Kathy Nickerson
    Kathy Nickerson says:

    Thanks for this article, and for your great blog. I just discovered it, and I’m so grateful. Thank you for taking the time to invest in those of us who are trying to find our way in the writing world.


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