Kitchen Sink Woes

WHY does the kitchen sink plug up on Friday night? You either have to pay a plumber weekend pay or wait till Monday….or, in our case, try to fix it yourself. Here’s what I learned (again) this morning:

* Pray first.

* Even after praying, claim 1 John 1:9 for all that will follow.

* Do NOT take your morning shower before fixing the sink.

* Do NOT wear shorts.

* Do NOT wear WHITE shorts.

* Wives, do NOT watch your husbands try to fix the sink.

* Wives, do NOT ask questions while your husband is under the sink.

* Wives, do NOT offer suggestions.

* Wives, do NOT hold your finger in place in the “P” section of the yellow pages while watching your husband fix the sink.

* Wives, do NOT say, “Honey, you’re getting your shorts all icky.”

* Husbands, just call the stupid plumber and be done with it.

Amidst some fun laughter AFTER the above, I told Bev I might actually be able to turn this into a humorous article for some magazine…as I did our “mayonnaise war.” (See Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul).

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  1. Rachel says:

    Dad, I know you’ve wanted to write comedy and you certainly can! This is good stuff. I can quite picture it…

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