I composed a Christmas greeting for the few people we know who do not do the internet. It goes out in the mail tomorrow. But for those of our friends who visit the blog or our Facebook wall, here is our holiday greeting. We really do wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…..and we hope we see many of you in 2009.

Christmas 2008


Dear Friends,


Christmas time once more!  This year finds the Harrison household plugging along just fine.  As always, there’s news to report…mostly good.


Perhaps the biggest change of the year was Bev deciding to quit her job as a sales rep for a large fabric manufacturer. For the past year she has enjoyed calling on quilt shops from here in Eugene as far south as Yuba City, California and east into Nevada.  Alas, she had no longer taken the job than the price of gas skyrocketed. And now that she’s quit, the price of gas has come back down. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.   The folks at Harvest House are happy though. Bev has come back to them and found work waiting for her. It’s nice to be so wanted!


For Nick, he continues happily at Harvest House and is still writing when he has time. Several book proposals are being sent around to various publishers via his agent.   One of the highlights of the year was a chance to work with a popular actress from the 1940’s and 50’s who wanted Nick’s help on a book about her life…..but then changed her mind when she realized that she’d really rather not relive some of what she went through. Nick was disappointed, but understood her feelings. 


Rachel and Winston are still in Eureka. Rachel is still writing both fiction and poetry and Winston has a wonderful job at the library with an office overlooking the bay.


Rebecca and Mike (and Joshua) welcomed their second son in January (Matthew Harrison Gores) and continue to prosper here in Eugene.  We love our time with the grandkids.


Bethany and Sean (and little Emma) will welcome their second daughter (Abigail Marie) in February.  We plan a trip to Nevada as soon as the new one arrives. 


Bev’s parents live in a small cottage behind us and keep very busy with their quilting business. It’s great to have them so close. Nick’s parents are still in San Jose, but we still hope for them to join us up here in Oregon soon. 


As 2008 concludes, Nick is happy to report that his prostate cancer is a thing of the past. His five year check-up was very positive and his urologist released him with the good news that there’s less than a three percent chance of recurrence.  Praise the Lord for good health!


Speaking of which, we pray that all of you will enjoy a healthy and happy 2009 and will stay in touch with us via mail, email, or Facebook. (Isn’t the internet great?  Nick reconnected with a friend he hasn’t heard from in 40 years!).  We also invite you to visit our website…though admittedly Nick doesn’t blog there as much as he’d like. The address is nickharrisonbooks.com and hopefully Bev will have some of her quilts posted there in 2009.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Nick and Bev!

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Dad, how do I access your Facebook page? I saw Dell and his wife yesterday and they said to tell you they’d visited or seen you there.

  2. Jacque and Dave
    Jacque and Dave says:

    Nick and Bev,
    I had no idea Bev worked for a fabric manufacturer!
    You guys are alot like us-writer/editor paired with sewer/quiltor. Heavy on the creative side! Good to read the good things about your family. Hope to finally see some of Bev’s quilts. I keep checking. I’ve been a seamstress for 40 years and just recently got reinterested in quilting. I have a small sewing circle composed of some homeschooled girls and their moms-passing the craft along.
    We had a record 28 individual donors this month! Thanks for your continued support & prayers. Please pray for more partners to give on a monthly basis.
    We are getting ready to be grandparents too. Not sure I remember what to do with a baby! Jacque


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