I’m leaving Thursday for my first writer’s conference of the year. I’ll be in Denver at this conference. I hope to see some of you there. If not, I hope I see you at SOME writer’s conference this year. It’s important to get to at least one conference a year if you’re serious about writing.

If finances are a problem, ask the conference director if there are scholarships available or perhaps a way to work in trade for tuition. When I was at my lowest as a writer, I drove a shuttle ferrying conferees from the conference grounds to the airport and back. (Thanks Elaine!). I did that at two separate conferences and on one trip to the airport, I had one of my favorite editors as my sole rider. I got her all to myself for the 45-minute drive.

Last year I know of at least one conference where scholarship money went unused. Don’t let that happen. Pray about it and see if a door opens up.

On another note, I want to remind you to read blogs carefully. This week I’ve read two blogs aimed at writers where something was said that I disagree with at least in part. I may be wrong or they may be wrong; but you need to read carefully and decide whether or not the advice offered is valid for you.

In closing, I’ll offer a quote from author Dick Francis who died this week at age 89.

“When you’re writing, that’s when you’re lonely. I suppose that gets into the characters you’re writing about. There are hours and hours of silence.”

I’ll try to report on the conference when I get back.

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  1. Richard Mabry
    Richard Mabry says:

    I didn’t notice any particular egregious advice recently on the blogs I routinely read, but I may have missed it. I agree that just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it authoritative. My mother used to say, “Consider the source,” and I still do. Let me hasten to say that I consider you an excellent source, though.
    Enjoy the conference.

  2. Judy Vandiver
    Judy Vandiver says:

    Nick, I’m glad you are blogging more often as I enjoy your musings and your advice. As I read today’s blog, I thought of a conference I attended a few years back. I had made a list of editors and agents I wanted to meet. I boarded the shuttle to the conference grounds. Several other people crowded in and I found myself sitting knee to knee with a tall stranger. “You’re much too close,” I told him, “for someone with whom I’m not on a first name basis, so perhaps we should introduce ourselves. I’m Judy.”
    As we shook hands, the stranger said, “Hi. I’m Nick. Nick Harrison.”

    I was able to meet and talk with one of the editors on my “want to meet” list.

    Those conference shuttle rides are sometimes the highlight of the event.


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