My previous blog entry related my disappointment at possibly losing a huge and fun project. As it turns out, the project is still on life support. The subject of my autobiography has decided she wants to format the book in a different way. I’m a bit disappointed because I think it may be harder to sell to a publisher in her preferred format, but this is HER book and so we’ll give it a try. At least the issue is resolved for now. The change in format also gives me a bit of breathing room. She is extremely busy now and will not expect to see something in the way of the revised proposal for at least two or three weeks. That gives me time to fiddle around with something else. Possibly a novel!

I have several ideas and am eager to meet these characters who have buzzing around in my head for a long time now. I will solicit their input on whose story I should look into first and who is willing to wait until later. All I can say is that whoever is up to bat first, better be a real blabber. I don’t have time to coax stories out of characters. If they’re not forthcoming, then back in the basement they go. You do know, don’t you, about Stephen King’s reference to the “boys in the basement”? It’s in his fun book On Writing. I’ve never read any of his fiction, but I did read this book and found it useful (and funny).

Oh, before I forget it, I want to thank you all for your notes of encouragement. It means a lot.

And now, how’s your writing coming along?