The year was about 1983 or 84. We were living in North Bend, Oregon at that time. The girls’ school was having an auction to raise money. I remember one parent donated a “home” computer to be bid on.  I remembering thinking, “A ‘home’ computer?  Why on earth would anyone want a computer in their home?”

 Ahem.  Boy, did I have a rude awakening over the next several years. And now, twenty plus years later I not only have a computer at home (and work on one at my job 6-8 hours a day), but I spend too much time on it. 

Let me count the ways: I belong to a forum, I sell used books through Amazon, I do email, I have some favorite websites and blogs I visit daily, I play a computer game at least once a day, I get my news from the web….oh and yes, I sometimes blog.

This past week, though, reminded me of one of the very best benefits of my computer and its access to the internet.  I have reconnected with two people from my past.  I’ve always been the kind of person to wonder, “Whatever happened to Dolores…or Susie and Vern”…or any number of other old friends.   And just this week Dolores found me….and so did Susie and Vern.  Dolores is a friend who reaches back possibly longer than any other.  We knew each other from a church we attended when we were six.  I have often told the story that Dolores was the first girl I ever kissed. It was behind the drinking fountain at that Sunday School.  That was in Jackson, Mississippi where I spent my early years.  We later moved to California, and after a few years of correspondence, I lost track of Dolores. And now, after forty years of no contact, we are catching up on the years. 

Susie and Vern were friends from our years in Eureka.  That was a very special time for Bev and me. We were there 16 years and loved it.  Susie and Vern left before we did though. I well remember the day we loaded up their moving truck for their long trek to Illinois.

I’ve joined Facebook and…..but have not reconnected with anyone from those sites yet.  And believe me, there are many people I’d love to find again.  Including Betty Jo and Tom,  Hilda, George Sousa and many of the other friends Bev and I knew from our youthful years in Rainbow and DeMolay.  We also miss friends from churches in the past: Los Gatos Christian Church, Piedmont Hills Baptist Church, Coos Bay Open Bible, Gospel Outreach…..and certainly Clayton House, the Christian communal ministry we were a part of in San Francisco almost forty years ago.

 So, I love the internet for bringing back these special people….and hopefully more to come!

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  1. Susie Wankerl
    Susie Wankerl says:

    Aw, Nick! Now you’re going to make me cry! What memories we have with you guys! And yes…you certainly helped load up our truck (and that was no easy task with the boxes and boxes and boxes of books we have! LOL) We left a huge piece of our hearts in Eureka when we moved. And I’m on facebook! And now I just went to add you as a friend over there. 🙂 I have to agree…the internet has been a wonderful means of finding people with whom we have lost contact. I have enjoyed hearing all the wonderful things BJ says about you on her blog, too. I smile and say, “yeah…we know him.” 🙂


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