The Power of Personal Prayer

One of the advantages for Christians on Facebook is the opportunity to have someone to pray for your needs as they arise, just as you pray for theirs. Daily we all seem to have friends who need prayer for an illness, financial stress, or on behalf of a loved one. I’m happy to oblige, realizing my own need of prayer. But recently it occurred to me how often we turn to prayer as a result of some difficult circumstance that has just happened or is happening now. What if, in addition to praying as a result of difficult circumstances, we prayed in such a way that our future circumstances would be the result of our present-day prayers? That is, why don’t we more often pray vigorously about our future days and years?

I believe prayer is the solid foundation on which a successful and happy future is built. That’s one reason for the existence of Magnificent Prayer, my popular daily devotional on prayer.

Prayer precedes great things. Prayer births life-changing events. Prayer moves the hand of God on our behalf. Wouldn’t you like to be assured that God not only can handle your present difficulties, but can also arrange your future in such a way as to bring about blessing in your life?  Through personal prayer you can lay down a pathway for the will of God to move you in His perfect direction for you. Don’t leave your future to “chance.” Pray your future years and fruitfulness into existence now–and every day from here on out.

Pray earnestly for open doors of personal ministry. Pray for your family. Intercede for revival. Cast a strong net of prayer over your every future circumstance. Pray your own life forward.

Make this a priority. Persist in prayer. Never give up. Be strong in prayer. Make circumstances the result of your prayers, not merely the cause of them.


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