A Writer’s Way of Seeing

“A Writer’s Way of Seeing” is my blog for those interested in various aspects of writing fiction and non-fiction. I will often discuss the spiritual component of writing from a Christian world view. I’ll also include some entries from guest authors past and present, along with some of my favorite writing quotes.

The late novelist Somerset Maugham famously said: “There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” And yet the pundits (including me, sometimes) continually offer up the “rules” to good writing. Some of these rules are valid–such as “show, don’t tell;” though even that rule is flexible. Telling is […]

In my previous blog, I tried my best to discourage you as a writer. If I succeeded, you’re probably not reading this. You’ve probably taken up skydiving or alligator wrestling–something far safer than writing. But if you are still with me, let’s start the year off right with some encouragement for writers. As I did […]

It’s a slow day in Bloggerville. That is to say I’ve had a hard time deciding what to blog about. I finally decided to get in the holiday mood by discouraging a few writers if I can. Of course, the secret is that if what I say discourages you to the point of giving up […]

I’m an admitted piddler. I’m also very good at it (due to much practice). I suppose every writing session of mine includes a certain amount of piddling. I think every writer should be, to some degree, a good piddler. The challenge is to not over-piddle and thus waste time that could be spent writing. I’m […]

I had a good laugh with this. I wrote it, posted it, and then discovered I’d blogged on this same topic in October. Ditzy! Oh well. After removing it, I decided to repost it. Maybe someone needs to hear it twice. Here ’tis… It’s December. You know what that means, writers. Before the Christmas rush […]

Do you ever get confused by the sometimes contradictory advice you hear from successful writers? Some may say “write every day!” while others say “write when you have something to say!” Or you may hear “Write the whole thing before you edit. Just get it on paper.” Then you’ll read about a bestselling author who […]