A Writer’s Way of Seeing

“A Writer’s Way of Seeing” is my blog for those interested in various aspects of writing fiction and non-fiction. I will often discuss the spiritual component of writing from a Christian world view. I’ll also include some entries from guest authors past and present, along with some of my favorite writing quotes.

The last time I posted here, I was a senior editor for a large Christian publishing company. Now, only a few months later, I’m making the transition to becoming a literary agent. The notion had been in my mind for a  long time and circumstances opened up for me to join Greg Johnson’s wonderful WordServe […]

Most writers I meet at conferences or who send me proposals or queries are unagented. Right now, so am I. I’ve had two very good ones in the past and I’m sure I’ll find another one in the future (hopefully soon). I’m sure some writers wonder why I need an agent. After all, doesn’t an […]

Recently one of my Facebook friends who is also a Christian and a writer lamented the “self-promotion” involved in becoming successful. He received a lot of sympathetic comments from other writers who feel the same way. Frankly, I feel that way too. How then can we who hope to hit the bestseller list reconcile our […]

As we’re in the final weeks of 2014 I want to offer my yearly exhortation for 2015. We’re all getting older and time’s a’ wasting, folks. If we want to succeed as writers, we need to take charge of our writing career. In fact, that will be my rally cry for you in 2015: “Take […]

Today I continue answering some questions you’ve asked. Roxanne Henke, a wonderful author I’ve had the pleasure of editing, asked three good questions. 1. How can a writer stay motivated when discouraged?   Rejection is always hard. You pour your best efforts into your manuscript and hope for a positive response and instead you get a […]

When I recently asked for some topics to blog about, Shan Dittemore asked: “Have you ever blogged about why you got into publishing? I’m curious.” No, I haven’t. Let me give you a recounting of how I became a writer and editor. Some of you who have attended my workshops know the story, so bear with me […]