A Writer’s Way of Seeing

“A Writer’s Way of Seeing” is my blog for those interested in various aspects of writing fiction and non-fiction. I will often discuss the spiritual component of writing from a Christian world view. I’ll also include some entries from guest authors past and present, along with some of my favorite writing quotes.

This fall will mark five years as a literary agent. I’m enjoying this aspect of my book-related vocational life and I’ve learned a few things I’d like to pass on to both novice and experienced writers. So here we go:

A great advantage to being an agent over working as an editor is that an agent who finds an author he loves can stick with that author until an interested publisher is found. As an editor, if I got a “no” from the pub board, that would end my relationship with that project and author.
Many agents, myself included, gravitate toward certain projects …

My friend, Desi Lueras, asked how to segue from a natural illustration to a spiritual application. That also brings to mind a related question: how to make a spiritual point without sermonizing or sounding “preachy.” To answer this dilemma, first let’s consider Jesus’s own example of turning a natural illustration into a spiritual application. For […]

As a boy, I was a Superman fan. The Incredible Hulk was a later Superhero whom I cared little about. So as I was thinking today about my role as a writer, I first envisioned myself as mild-mannered Clark Kent. But as I take my seat at my keyboard, I see myself morphing into Superman, […]

One of the hardest (yet necessary) things that must happen in the life of a writer is for him or her to fully embrace their identity as a writer. They may think of themselves as an “aspiring writer,” especially if they’re yet unpublished; but that won’t do, in my opinion. It’s like a person saying they’ve become an […]

I’m a bit behind in writing my New Year’s post, but that’s my life right now.  I’m busy–as are you–but let’s not forget the importance writing has in our life.  Just as we can procrastinate the disciplines of our spiritual life (prayer, Bible study, worship, fellowship), so too can we put off our writing time.  […]

I recently remarked on Facebook that I was thinking of going back to writing fiction. I had just received a nice Amazon reader review for a novel I wrote 25 years ago and it reminded me that I’ve always wanted to write more fiction at some point in my career. I even had a title […]