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My Magnificent Christian Life blog is below. On these pages I write about our wonderful life in Christ as it pertains to the various aspects of daily living. Subjects include the inner life of the Christian, prayer, parenting, my favorite quotes, and some entries from guest authors, past and present. I pray these prove to be a blessing for you.

faith or fear

As I write this, we’re in the midst of the Coronavirus upheaval. As a result, many people are fearful of catching the virus and possibly suffering fatal complications. As horrible as this virus is, it’s another event in our lives that reveal how we decide to react to adversity.

During each ominous event, it’s as if we’re facing two doors, one of which we must choose to walk through. One door is marked “Fear” and the other is marked “Faith.” Most normal human beings default to the door marked “Fear,” because fear in the face of possible death is a natural response. But for the Christian, we must never open the door marked “Fear.” The door marked “Faith” is the only door for us.

Father And Son

If you’re on Facebook, you may have seen the meme of the father passing parts of himself to his son. It’s a striking image to me. Would that more fathers gave the gift of themselves, piece by piece, to their sons (and daughters too!).

But it also struck me that God wants to do the same thing. After all, His Holy Spirit lives within every believer to enable us to bear the “fruit of the Spirit.” Every fruit is an attribute of God Himself. From Galatians 5, we see the fruits enumerated as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. And how are we to manifest these attributes of God? The same chapter tells us that if we walk in the Spirit, we won’t be walking in the flesh. Walking in the Spirit is done by faith. By believing God’s Word. By doing God’s Word.

Image of Magnificent Prayer Book Cover

One of the advantages for Christians on Facebook is the opportunity to have someone to pray for your needs as they arise, just as you pray for theirs. Daily we all seem to have friends who need prayer for an illness, financial stress, or on behalf of a loved one. I’m happy to oblige, realizing […]

Nick Harrison Author

Like many of you I’ve been concerned about some of the current events shaping our world and how they might affect us in the future. As a Christian, I’m not worried about what’s to come, but I do want to be prepared. So today’s blog post is written to me, but you’re free to eavesdrop […]

As a Christian who is now in Act III of the play that is his life, I find myself recalling some of the many highlights of my almost 50-year walk with God. Scenes, if you will, from Acts I and II. Two recent events have shown me that I’m not the only aging Christian buoyed […]

I’m at the age where I’m taking my physical health more seriously than I used to. I’m taking several beneficial supplements, exercising daily, and trying to eat better. Paying closer attention to my physical self has caused me to consider the care—or lack of care—that I give my spiritual self. I don’t think I’m alone […]