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My Magnificent Christian Life blog is below. On these pages I write about our wonderful life in Christ as it pertains to the various aspects of daily living. Subjects include the inner life of the Christian, prayer, parenting, my favorite quotes, and some entries from guest authors, past and present. I pray these prove to be a blessing for you.

Last Sunday I delivered the New Year’s message at church. I covered six areas that we should all deal with as we enter into 2016. I’ll try to cover each one in the next few days. I’ll introduce the first area by quoting that late great philosopher, Erma Bombeck, who reminded us that, “Guilt is […]

This is not a time of year to be melancholy…I get that. But lately I’ve been thinking about some poor decisions I’ve made in the past and one in particular is starting to bother me (again). Never mind what it is. If you’re human, you likely have a few regrettable decisions in your past too. […]

A couple of months ago I retired from my full time editorial job. I did not, however, retire from writing and editing. In fact, I hope the extra hours will result in more writing on my blog—and more books. In addition to more time for writing, I also have more time for reading and study. […]

My past four posts (Grace Notes 1-4) have talked about some of the dangers I see in grace teaching today. But as I said early on, I love grace.  Today I want to post an interview with the awesome Bill Giovannetti, author of several wonderful books, including his latest, Grace Intervention. Bill is also pastor of […]

This is the fourth in a series on grace, focusing on some problems in the so-called hyper-grace movement. Thank God there are some fine grace teachers spreading the word about God’s infinite grace. This is not directed at them.  You might want to check out the first three posts on this timely topic starting with Grace […]

This is the third in a series on grace, particularly in light of recent abuses of grace among some (not all) teachers. You can read Grace Notes #1 here and Grace Notes #2 here. Basically, the problem is that the way some are teaching grace, the result is that some hearers are interpreting grace as an invitation to return to […]