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My Magnificent Christian Life blog is below. On these pages I write about our wonderful life in Christ as it pertains to the various aspects of daily living. Subjects include the inner life of the Christian, prayer, parenting, my favorite quotes, and some entries from guest authors, past and present. I pray these prove to be a blessing for you.

This is the second in a short series on grace and problems with some aspects of the “hyper-grace movement.” Please know that not all who are teaching on grace are making this same serious error. There’s an old story about grace that goes something like this: A man dies and meets St. Peter at the […]

How much clearer can the purpose of grace be explained? How then is it possible that grace has become so perversely used to justify continuing in sin? Perhaps the old adage applies here that says “If you won’t change your behavior to match your theology, you’ll change your theology to match your behavior.”

Yesterday I posted indications 1-5 you or I could be a low-information Christian. Today we look at indications 6-10. 6. We don’t rely on the Holy Spirit. I loved compiling my book His Victorious Indwelling, a book full of great messages from past Christian men and women on the power of the Holy Spirit working […]

In this current election season, I’ve been hearing references to “low-information” voters. Apparently these are voters who pay little attention to the issues and just vote based on what little information they’ve heard from friends or from TV commercials. When I heard the phrase it prompted me to think about what I’m going to call […]

Today I feel like offering a reminder to us all—me included—about the disastrous nature of sin. Here then are a dozen things we all need to remember about sin and its designs on us. I’m working on an outline for what I hope will be my best book yet, The Magnificent Christian Life. In that […]

A few months ago I made a decision. At the time I thought it was the right decision. Now, I have my doubts.  In the scheme of things, it wasn’t in any way a life-altering decision, though it was important.  Nor was it a matter of sin or disobedience. Nor did I have the wrong […]