Magnificent Prayer

Have you sensed that you’ve seen just the foothills of what prayer is about? Magnificent Prayer points you toward the heights of communion with God. Drawing insights from classic and contemporary pioneers of prayer, Magnificent Prayer guides you on a year of discovery and growth. Day by day, your prayers will bring you into closer communion with your Lord.

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About the Book

Have you ever sensed that you’ve seen just the foothills of what prayer is about? Do you long for more? Magnificent Prayer points you toward the heights of communion with God. Drawing insights from classic and contemporary pioneers of prayer, Nick Harrison guides you on a year-long devotional course of discovery, application, and growth. Corrie ten Boom, John Bunyan, Amy Carmichael, Oswald Chambers, Charles Colson, Eric Liddell, D. L. Moody, Andrew Murray, Leonard Ravenhill, Charles Spurgeon, Hannah Whitall Smith, Charles Stanley . . . find out their secrets to prayer. Profit from their wisdom. Harrison harvests some of their choicest words about prayer, sets them with Scripture, and invites you to reflect on your own prayer life in their light. But this is just the prelude to the true objective: a deepening personal experience of prayer. With daily exercises designed to help focus your prayers, Magnificent Prayer equips you to experience firsthand the many dimensions of prayer and the incredible possibilities prayer holds. Magnificent Prayer is a vibrant resource for your spiritual walk. Day by day, your prayers will be enhanced as you live in close communication with your true and faithful Guide.

Book Reviews

“Nick Harrison has compiled great Bible verses, comments on prayer from the heroes of the faith and his insight into a excellent prayer devotional. BUT, the life changing part about this book is the interesting, compelling daily reminder to pray to our God and Heavenly Father. This book teaches us how to pray, but even more importantly it teaches when to pray – daily.” Noel in Seattle

“I gave this book to my husband and it is the greatest gift that I ever gave him. He has used it to minister to other people and it has caused his relationship with God to grow. He has blessed so many of his friends with this book. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God.” Melodia in Hollister, CA.

“I’ve used several other devotionals over the years, but I keep returning to this one by Nick Harrison. This book contains a great collection of insight and wisdom on the power of prayer. Nick has tapped into the resources of people from different backgrounds & eras, making it a history lesson as well. With each lesson I read, I feel myself grow through the gentle guidance of God.” Sally, a satisfied reader

“This book was given to me by a dear friend. Since then, I have purchased numerous copies myself to share with other friends. It is a year-long devotional filled with inspiring devotions from various believers through the ages. Rich, encouraging, challenging and growth inspiring. A must for those who desire to grow in their prayer life.” Mary, a happy reader

“To me, this is the most underrated, underpublicized devotional book/prayer devotional out there. I had not heard of it before but received it as a gift. It awakened my faith, drew me into prayer that was alive and faith-filled, and helped God seem “more real” in my life – and I felt like I was really “engaging” with God in prayer as I went through the devotional book and applied it. VERY ENCOURAGING, uplifting and faith building. It has substance too. Each daily meditation has a scripture, a small “clip” from a hero of the faith who were pray-ers, and then a small synopsis called “Pray About It” that invites you into that wonderful world of prayer with boldness and expectation based on that day’s entry. Wonderful nuggets from each featured pray-er for that day. Also, in the back of the book there is a great list of prayer/faith heroes and their books for further reading to build faith and ignite your prayer experience even more. My advice is simple GET IT, GET IT, GET IT (or if it is for a gift: GIVE IT, GIVE IT, GIVE IT” T. Schneider in GA.

“I return to this book the way other people return to “My Utmost for His Highest” (which is also excellent). I’ve been through this book multiple times, and I always learn from it. It always feels new and fresh. It draws heavily on quotes from great Christian writers and leaders of the past, and it occasionally draws my attention to some amazing work they’ve written. I love spending my quiet time with great quotes from the likes of Corrie Ten Boom and A.W Tozer. And those words are so perfectly woven in with scripture, challenges, and prayer prompts. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book.” L. Perry in TN

“What a powerful book! Every day gives simple but profound truths about praying to the Lord who hears and answers us! I’ve never read anything that comes close to this! Nick Harrison quotes from some of the best Christians from the past that had a great understanding of praying to God.” Linda D.

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