Promises to Keep: Daily Devotions for Men Seeking Integrity

This book created expressly for men offers 366 devotions drawing from the writings of many prominent Christian authors. Truly a treasure for every man, this collection provides the spiritual dimension lacking in the lives of so many men and shows that men can be strong and tender, can lead without tyranny, and can have relationships with each other full of meaning, insight, and brotherly affection.

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About the Book

A powerful new movement is sweeping across America:Christian men are coming together to make a difference in their families, churches, businesses, and communities.They are helping one another acknowledge a deep-seated need and hunger for spiritual nourishment and Christian fellowship. They are “sharpening” one another’s understanding of what it means to be a man today.

The first book of daily meditations created expressly for men in search of spirituality, Promises to Keep draws together the words of hundreds of prominent Christian authors and leaders. Offering inspiration and motivation, this little treasure provides the spiritual dimensions lacking in the lives of so many and proves that men can be strong and tender, can lead without tyranny, can be authoritative without arrogance, and can have relationships with each other that are full of meaning, insight, and even love.

Book Reviews

“I was a single 21 year old ‘man’ or so I thought until I bought this book and it ended up being the pivotal start I needed to make my final, and complete surrender to Christ. I am forever changed, never to look back at the exhausting years of making bad choices and having no peace in my life. I have been reading this book now for 5 years now, and it still astounds me to read every day; somehow every year it shows different meaning also. This book is treasure sent from heaven, its simple and basic daily guide to Gods Standards for Men and I consider it much more value than gold or diamonds. This book would be my one item I would take out of my burning home. God continues to know exactly where I am and speaks directly in to my life through this book.”  — Miles G. from Florida

“I purchased this book for my husband who spends time with God every morning. The devotionals are the perfect length – not too long, not too short. Each one is memorable and is easy to meditate on during the day. It’s music to my ears when at the end of the day I hear, ‘Do you want to hear what my devotional was about today?’” — A reader from Texas

“I bought this book for my husband. He said it’s fantastic and gives him inspirational thoughts and ideas that take you through the day. It’s a different style of devotional, meaning it doesn’t start you thinking about a bible verse all day. Instead it gives a biblical message along with a story. My husband loves it!” — L.L., a grateful wife

“This was by far my favorite devotional. I’d still be using it if I hadn’t already gone through it twice. I let a friend borrow it now and he loves it too. It’s very refreshing and inspiring to have so many great author contributions and is a very worthwhile investment!” — A reader

“This book is perfect for me, a freshman in college. It is very inspirational and definately starts the day out on the right foot. I would recommend this to anyone from 13 to 73, this can be read through year after year and be applied to an ever growing, ever maturing christian male. You won’t be dissatisfied.” — Bjorn in Minnesota

“I acquired my first copy of this book at a used book store. Since then I have purchased dozens to give to friends and associates. It is simply the best men’s devotional I have found. It is often the highlight of my personal devotions. One reason the book is so good is that the author has skillfully selected from some of the best Christian authors – classic and current. The range of contributors, subjects and perspectives is impressive. Mr. Harrison seems to have a natural instinct for selecting gems of thought that hit home and challenge men to take and live their faith seriously and productively!” — Mitch in Minnesota

“I picked this book up on a whim…a last minute purchase, without even looking inside at most of the content…I’ve had it for more than two years now, and I’ve made it a daily practice to read the chapter for the day before leaving my house to go to work…This collection of Bible lessons and day to day experiences from so many different authors has brought a great deal of peace into my hectic life…I would highly recommend this book to any man, single or married, with or without children…my favorite passage has got to be the one from Max Lucado…”Choose This Day”…GO BUY THIS BOOK!” — Brent in Texas

“This book culminates many different sources into one, practical, and intelligent synopsis for men. This book is good for men ages 15 and older seeking to either form, renew, or solidify their values based upon those in the Christian faith. However, this book also provides great moral guidance without being too “preachy”. It is very reader-friendly and can take four minutes to read a daily devotion that will leave you reflecting upon its merit for hours. In addition to the devotional passages, there are carefully chosen passages of the Bible that relate to the contemporary topic at hand. Without a doubt, this is a book that I will give to both my father and son – and that I will continue to re-read for years to come.” — A happy reader

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