His Victorious Indwelling

Have you grasped the heritage that is yours in Christ? This year-long devotional brings together the best writings of authors such as Martin Luther, Watchman Nee, Charles Spurgeon, Madame Guyon, John Wesley and many others. His Victorious Indwelling explores Christ's victory and how it can be ours.

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Have you truly grasped the remarkable heritage that is yours in Christ? Through the years, certain Christians have stood out for their deep insight into the riches we possess in Christ. Oswald Chambers, A. W. Tozer, Hannah Whittal Smith, D. L. Moody, E. M. Bounds . . . these men and women knew the secrets of the abundant spiritual life. Drawing on the meditations and quotes from these and other well-know writers, His Victorious Indwelling explores Christ’s victory and how it can be lived through us. These 366 daily devotions bring together the best writings of such classic authors as John Calvin, Martin Luther, Watchman Nee, Charles Spurgeon, St. Augustine, and John Wesley, as well as contemporary writers such as Corrie ten Boom. These and dozens of others will help you discover the power, liberty, and joy that flow from ‘Christ in us.’

Book Reviews

“I have used devotionals regularly for 20+ years but have yet found one that compares to this GEM. Its single focus on the indwelling spirit of Christ has helped me stay focused on the main theme of my Christian walk – Jesus Christ – his incredible sacrifice for me and his spirit within me. I have grown closer to Him through this book. It’s often hard to believe scripture’s beautiful promises are truly ours as believers, but this book is a refreshing daily reminder. That is all that one hopes for in a devotional.” Ed in Maryland

“After three decades of devotional reading, I found 72 of my favorite authors in this gem of a devotional book, plus dozens of others, particularly out of the Brethren tradition. It could certainly be argued that Christian thought today is “a mile wide and an inch deep,” but this book goes blessedly deeper than much of today’s “devotional writing.” Sincere thanks to Mr. Harrison and to Zondervan!” K. Presley in Texas

“I collect daily devotionals and have several that are my favorite….and this is one of them. Many times when I was dry and could not feel the Lord’s presence I have turned to this devotional and found life! July 19th was a ready-made sermon. It ministered to me so much and took me from the “depths of despair” back into joyfully trusting my Lord. I would recommend this only to anyone who hungers for more of Jesus!” J.S. in Harrisburg, PA

“This book is my favorite devotional EVER! And I have read many!I have bought about 100 copies in the past 5 or so years to give to people as gifts. I am disappointed that it is not in EVERY Christian bookstore. In fact, I don’t know that ANY bookstores carry it! Most people have never heard of it until I tell them about it and give them a copy. It has been so instrumental in my walk with Christ.” Danielle, a satisfied reader

“Almost daily hits me where I live. I have read this through for two years now and it never fails to encourage, inspire, challenge or convict me. It is a regular gift giver. One of my all time favorites – along with My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.” J.Z. in San Diego

“I have worked in Christian Bookstores for 30 plus years and this one is #1 of 25 of the best devotionals. I have used this as my personal devotional for years now and I never tire of these 366 devotionals and they are new and fresh every time I read them. This book has been an instrumental source from which church bulletins’ condensed devotionals are taken. Spiritual content is amazing from the best Classic authors’ books i.e., Oswald Chambers, A.W. Tozer, Hannah Whittal Smith, D.L. Moody, E.M. Bounds, Watchman Nee, Amy Carmichael, and Andrew Murray; as well as Contemporary writers such as Corrie ten Boom, John Stott, and Charles Stanley).” From a bookstore worker

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